I'm Gonna Touch...Everything

I'm Cassie, I'm from North Carolina, and I guess video games are kind of cool. PSN: music_kid5 (just tell me who you are) :

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  • Brent didn’t want us to lose…us.

    the last of us: remastered + scenery/environments [6/???]


    Fallout: New Vegas Posters

    infamous second son + text posts (pt.I)


    inFAMOUS: first lightphoto mode


    'He tries anything, shoot him.'


    do you ever stay in the shower for so long you forget who you are


    skyrim + the fucking sky part 3


    endless list of favorite video games [1/?]

    BioShock Infinite (2013)


    Hey everyone! I thought that doing a follow forever would help organize and clean my blog a little bit, im real close to hitting 3k and i thought “you know, since im seeing so many people do it i’d join in as well and make people happy.”
    This list may be a little bit short (compared to my last ff at the very least), and thats what i was aiming for. I had to shuffle through a lot of people im following and i wanted to narrow it down to people who i truly would never unfollow and not just people who have similar interests as mine on their blog; this way it is much “more meaningful.” The vast majority of the people on this list are mutuals, and some who i never have a chance of becoming mutuals with, but only a few.

    Thank you all so much for giving me such an amazing time on this website, i could not imagine what kind of person i would be today if it werent for you guys, im much more open, happier with myself and how i look, and my art skills have improved tremendously because of the huge positive feedback from you guys; thank you so so much.

    Remarkable People

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    Astonishing People

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    favorite films in no particular order »
    inception (dir. christopher nolan)