I'm Gonna Touch...Everything

I'm Cassie, I'm from North Carolina, and I guess video games are kind of cool. PSN: music_kid5 (just tell me who you are) :

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  • roboticdreams:

    some cute GLaDOS quotes because i can think of nothing more important

    Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) - [x]

    assassin’s creed: important moments

    Get to know me meme [1/12] Favorite Actors: Colin O’Donoghue


    Epilogue (Will The Circle Be Unbroken) | Troy Baker

    There are loved ones in the glory
    Whose dear forms you often miss
    When you close your earthly story
    Will you join them in their bliss?

    Help support Troy & buy the album here!

    "Lesser, greater, middling… it makes no difference."

    I’d Punch Kevin Spacey in the Crotch - [x]

    Mass Effect 3 + Scenery

    "So… think you can kill a god?"